Microwave and Millimeter Wave Technologies

  • Simulation/Optimisation/Development/Measurement of Antennas and Antenna Arrays
    • Various geometries (Conformal, Planar)
    • Various frequency bands (L, S, X, Ku-band, multiband)
    • Various technologies (microstrip, miniature)
    • Various applications (broadband, narrowband)
  • Design and Development of adaptive and electronically mainbeam steering techniques and systems
    • Phase shifting systems and subsystems
    • Phase control systems and subsystem
  • Design, Development and Construction of microwave and mm-wave systems and subsystems
    • PAs,LNAs
    • Microwave bandpass filters
  • Development of emulation/simulation tools
    • Computational codes for electromagnetic modelling/ emulation of arrays structures
    • Mobile Agents for network parallel distributed processing of electromagnetic problems

Satellite Communication Technology

  • Standardization strategy in avionics – related to External Satellite Communications Standards (ARINC 741,761)
  • Development of New Aeronautical Standardsimage003
    • Ku-band specifications
    • Ku-band antenna unit
    • Power Amplifier (PA) and Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) development
    • Design of RF front-end SatCom Transceiver consisting of diplexer, waveguide and cable connection of antenna with the PA/LNA module
  • L-band SatCom Transceiver Test Facilities Integration








  • Specs and Implementation of Ku-band airborne 2-8 Mb/s CDMA SatCom Terminal
  • Feasibility/appropriate solution for the SatCom Ku-band Airborne Antenna – Studies of the implementation technologyimage002






  • Development of mobile telecommunication system to support multi-media requirements of HELLAS – SAT Terminals (Astrium)

Microwave Systems Technology

  • Design, Simulation and Characterization of Monolithic Microwave Circuits (MMIC’s)
  •  Design, Development and Construction of Hybrid Microwave Circuits (MIC)