Computational Electromagnetics

High frequency circuit modeling problems are studied with computational methods, taking into account the geometry of the corresponding setup. The following methods are studied in detail: Method of Moments (MoM) and Galerkin, Method of Auxilliary Sources (MAS), Mode Matching (MM), Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) and Finite Elements (FE), with applications in two-dimensional and three-dimensional geometries for conductive and dielectric materials. Structures and systems operating in the microwave or optical frequencies are analyzed including radiation structures (dipoles, microstrip antennas), waveguiding structures and transmission lines (microstrip lines, co-planar waveguides, slot-lines), discontinuities in waveguides, filters, multiport networks etc., while scattering phenomena are also discussed.

Lecturers: Nikolaos Uzunoglou , Dimitra Kaklamani

Semester: winter

Lecture Hours: 3

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