Medical Image Processing (University of Athens)

The course is mainly focused on:

  • Detection of signals/images and digitization (sampling and quantization), analysis of signals, noise reduction, methods for measuring information accuracy (PSF, LSF, etc).
  • Signal/image display and processing (filters, algorithms, etc)
  • Biomedical data processing in a clinical environment.
  • Image processing in Radiology (CT, MRI, ultrasound, etc).
  • Image processing in Nuclear Medicine (SPECT, PET, etc).
  • Registration and fusion techniques of medical images from various imaging systems.

The course is provided in the Postgraduate Programme Medical Physics and Radiophysics of the Medical School of Athens, University of Athens.

Lecturers: George Matsopoulos

Semester: winter

Lecture Hours: 9 in total

briefcase   Course Material: Download!